While we have wide experience and skills, we cannot do everything.

We will tell you upfront if we do not feel we have the capability to deliver what you are seeking.

Strategic direction and planning

Where do you want to be tomorrow and what are you doing to ensure you get there? G5 can help you and your team determine the strategic direction to take and then put that direction into effect. This can be from facilitating a session you have already arranged through to designing and implementing a practical and repeatable strategic planning process to suit your organisation and needs.

Leadership development and coaching

Leadership is about doing the right things, while management is about doing things right. Good leadership invites people to participate in the organisations future and inspires them to do well. Without good leadership throughout your organisation, it will likely languish. Leadership is largely a learned skill; have your people had the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities to their maximum? Does you as an organisation create an environment of good leadership? G5 can help you and your team to step up and be more effective leaders. This can be from a little one on one or group coaching, through to designing and implementing a leadership structure, including development of an inspiring and widely accepted vision.

Action planning and implementation

Many noble intentions are never realised because there is a poor link between strategy and day to day action. Plans are developed but then shelved due to pressures of day to day work. Is it important that your plans and projects are implemented successfully? G5 can help you create the link between what needs to be done, and what is done. Not just action plans designed with team buy-in and details of who does what by when, but also the crucial accountability, reporting and management structures to ensure that it actually happens and you are getting the results you actually wanted.

Business coaching for knowledge and skill growth

Many owners of small to medium sized businesses know their industry well, but are held back because they don’t know ‘business’ or because they are too busy to do so. Growing a business requires different skill sets at each stage. These are all practical skills which can be taught and learned. G5 can provide experienced and practical business coaching to allow you and your business to acquire the skills needed so it can grow to its potential, delivering the owners time, money and potentially a saleable asset.

Building high performance teams

If you are larger than a one-man band, then your business relies on other people doing the work. The way they do this, and the level of performance they attain as a team is crucial to your success. Do you invest in building teams which perform? G5 can help with everything from working with individual teams ourselves, to stepping back, designing and putting into place a company-wide approach to the development of high-performing teams.

Organisational structure, culture and management consultancy

There’s a project management adage that “work expands to fill the time available” and so just because people are busy does not mean you are getting the results you should be. When was the last time you had a good look at what your people are doing, how this adds value, and whether they are structured for the best results? G5 can look at various aspects of your organisation’s structure, culture and performance, making recommendations on how to improve the structure and way your people work together. This can include designing and implementing new structures.

Supply chain, systems and marketing solutions

Your people are crucial, and so are the tools, systems and processes that you all use. Taken together, these aspects of your business contribute to both your bottom line, and your competitive advantage. G5 can analyse and deliver improvements to your value chain. This includes supply chain management, systems and processes for work to be done, and developing marketing solutions for your needs.

Workshops and meeting facilitation for desired outcomes

There are some aspects of business which work best when handled by an experienced outside person you can trust. You can call on your G5 advisor for a variety of tasks when an outside change agent is required. Let your own people focus on the issue at hand, while someone else keeps the whole process moving forward and captures the agreed actions. Have someone to do what you need to have done who does not have any ‘baggage’, pre-conceived ideas or entrenched positions.

Problem solving and making hard decisions

Sometimes issues are complex or decisions hard with no clear answer. G5 can help you to work through issues of this nature, creating a logical and transparent structure tailored to the situation, and bringing a process to the task of making the decision.

Succession and business continuity planning

Many Kiwi businesses are faced with the issue of succession either in the form of the owner wanting to sell or pass on to someone else, or as a day to day risk management tool in the event of key person unavailability. Do you know who your successor is, and whether that person is ready for the job? G5 can help you to put in place a succession plan to organise and groom likely successors for permanent or emergency tenure. G5 can work out likely risks to your business continuity and help you develop and implement plans to minimise the likelihood of an even occurring, and react well if it does.

Coaching for performance and accountability

Your organisation will have key people whose performance has an effect, good or bad, on your organisation out of proportion to their numbers. Their and your performance and well-being are crucial. Do you invest in them? G5 can bring experienced personal coaching to your key people. G5 can help you hold your key people accountable to what they have said they will do and help them when needed.

Agile project and development coaches

Different to the old ‘design and then build’ methods of development and project management, agile recognises that detailed planning in advance cannot anticipate all the unknowns, challenges and opportunities presented during a development. Agile saves money and time, and gives a much better probability of a successful project outcome. Yet being ‘agile’ can be challenging when it is counter-intuitive for many. A project coach or external consultant helps keep things on track.

G5 delivers agile coaching and project management services. Bring the power of agile to your team, engaging us as people familiar with agile, and familiar with the technical aspects of the project as well. We speak your language and understands the business objectives you are wanting to achieve, and we also speak the ‘tech’ of the developers. For successful projects, software and website developments.

Spreadsheet and database solutions

For the right challenge, a solidly and cleverly constructed spreadsheet or database can be just the ticket. Crunching numbers and giving you the real information you need; allowing customers to calculate the benefits for themselves, automating complicated functions, giving you or your team members a tool to do the job better.

G5 has huge experience in understanding the business challenge, then designing and building working spreadsheets or databases which add real value. We can do them with your logo and branding. We can lock them down to keep them simple for users or protect workings or proprietary IP. We can turn raw data into graphics that really mean something.

What G5 does not do…

G5 have wide experience and knowledge but are not specialists in legal matters, accounting, employment law or marketing. We will always recommend you seek appropriate specialist advice. Successful businesses have many different advisors. We may have experience in your industry, or we may not. Either way, a part of the value we add is that we come into your organisation with an open mind, best business practices and a focus on getting the results you seek. If you are looking for an industry specialist, we may not be for you.