Results focused business and ICT consultancy

Mentoring, Facilitating, Projects – Strategy, Productivity, Excellence

Getting things DONE. Getting the RESULTS you want.

G5 works with owners, boards, leaders and senior management of businesses, social enterprises and other organisations.

If you think your organisation can run better, and are not sure how to do what needs to be done, or are too busy to get it done, then call us in to help.

The G5 approach is holistic and top down. We focus on what is important, talk straight, listen and understand, so we can get to the root of things.

We have wide experience and bring practical Baldrige-based Business Excellence, for Kiwis.

Once the right direction is decided upon, the focus is on action and getting results.

Your industry expertise + G5 business expertise and focus = results. 


Anchored firmly in the principles of business excellence…

Strategic direction and planning

Leadership development and mentoring

Action planning and implementation

Business coaching for knowledge and skill growth

Building high performance teams

Organisational structure, culture and management consultancy

Supply chain, systems and marketing solutions

Workshop and meeting facilitation for desired outcomes

Problem solving and making hard decisions

Succession and business continuity

Coaching for performance and accountability

Spreadsheet and database solutions

Ready to get the RESULTS you want?